as the Swiss national team in the first half, in Georgia occurs, it will not do anything with a three on Tuesday against Denmark, probably the best group of opponents in the European championship Quali. Too little width in the game. Too little depth. Hardly A Change Of Pace. A Lot Of Bad Passes. “Certainly not the best half,” says Fabian Schär and speaks of a “resinous” Start. Breel Embolo says: “It was a typical first qualifying game, as we do difficult for us.”

Because after a performance in mid-term two a 2:0 to beech stands, it means at the end of: duty, home, fly, and regenerate. For tomorrow at 20.45 at the no 10 Fifa world ranking creation is waiting in the St. Jakob-Park on the Team of Vladimir Petkovic (rank 8). Denmark with Superstar Christian Eriksen (market value: EUR 85 million) is on par with the Swiss national team and was at the last European championship in Russia, also in the eighth final.

Denmark is a different caliber as Georgia, says Renato Steffen, “we have to fix our mistakes, because the Danes will this take advantage of better”. All it needs in the morning so we can get a Threesome:


On the court, the Georgians gave the lawn an inch, they pursued after them from the first second to every Ball. Aggressive, defiant, Intrusive. With such a bite, we hit the “Danish Dynamite”.


made The heated Georgians in the stands impression, and their players in addition to legs. With such a mood we were on Tuesday in Basel before kick-off with 1:0 in front. Only the unfair and dangerous laser pointer attack on Rodriguez was superfluous.


In half, one of Switzerland played sleeping car football. Easy-to-read, to simply defend. On Tuesday, it needs more Sprints, change of pace and creativity. Mainly because Arsenal Star Granit Xhaka is required. The conductor in the centre is likely to find more space, because the Danes play.

licensee qualities

In the 24. Minute Fabian was warping after a clash k. o. to the floor like a Sack of potatoes. In the second half, he headed in spite of a sore head and neck pain the two goals. Also against the Danes, we have to plug it in and dish out, such as warping.

we Bring it all on the course, we show it to the Danes! A lack of self-confidence it has been lacking on this team. Steffen: “In such Games, we were always ready, since we can rely mostly on our individual class.” The is still present, even if with Seferovic and Shaqiri two Offensive Stars fail.

The Swiss national team completed on Tuesday evening at 20.45 in Basel, the second EM-qualification game. To is visit to the stadium of Denmark. Tags it loads a VIEW to the big team-Talk. With high profile guests. From 12 noon SRF-Reporter Sascha Ruefer (47) and the Danish Ex-YB-, -Aarau, Switzerland – Bayern-Profi Lars Lunde (55) discuss the appearance of the Swiss national team.