double-eagle affair at the world Cup in Russia. Out throws. Resignations. Re-Structuring. Had to Behrami. The Back-and-Forth with Captain Lichtsteiner. And, most recently, the affair of Shaqiri and national team coach Petkovic.

In the Reports of the Swiss national team to dominate the last Negative headlines in addition to theatres of war. As you move away gradually from the population.

A little image, a little Fan-care would have that Nati is currently more necessary than ever. We have also recognized at the Association, it was said recently, that is why they wanted to be popular, to be open.

And nevertheless be foreclosed, the Nati-Stars in this week from their Fans. Only closed training, little chance of a Selfie or an autograph. Despite a tight schedule, would be at least on Monday, a public Training in it.

batten down The hatches is the wrong way to make. Because not only do we have very talented footballers in our ranks, but also very cheerful, child-friendly and likeable young men.

These players are the best ambassadors, the best image of nurses for the Nati. The Fan would have to get them, however, changes to the face.