After a long weekend Raeto Raffainer this week, we have already re-Gas. In the national Committee of the Nati-Director wants to overthrow, before he goes in September, as sports Director for HC Davos, the “Lex Del Curto”. What is it? There is an unwritten rule that no club coaches are allowed to work in the Nati. The origins of this rule 23 years ago, when the former U20 national team Coach Arno Del Curto joined the HC Davos and him talents such as Mark Streit, Michel Riesen or Sandy Jeannin followed.

So this season, put some clubs in your Veto, as Raffainer Berns chief Scout Lars Leuenberger for the Lucerne Cup in December, temporarily as assistant national team Coach Patrick Fischer wanted to win. To was fear, the could usually make a coach of the 2016 national player in the future in exchange for the SCB tasty apparently.

Jalonen and Ehlers for the competition is active

In this context, Raffainer bothered then that SCB-master coach Kari Jalonen at the world Cup was as an Advisor to the German working (VIEW reported). “It is something special that we may not be able to rely on the Expertise of our Swiss club, and our toughest competitors,” he said. In addition to Jalonen another NL-man was tiger’s coach Heinz Ehlers (national team Coach of Denmark) at the world Cup for the competition operates.

Now Raffainer want to. the garden thinking of the collar and the theme on Wednesday of the national Committee, which he put next to the club representative Peter Zahner (ZSC Lions), Jan Alston (Lausanne), Reto Kläy (train), SIHF President Michael Rindlisbacher, League Director Denis Vaucher, as well as Junior boss Markus Graf belongs on the table “I want us to discuss this topic Once and for all – regardless of name – and a decision in the sense of our hockey meetings,” says the outgoing national team boss.

Zahner: “Because you have to make a move”

As an Argument, the 37-year-old Engadine, the last world Cup, when with him, Fischer-assistant to Christian Wohlwend and Goalie coach Peter Mettler’s three future Davos-employees in the national team, and that there are no problems gave.

The chances that Raffainer with his concern comes through, do not seem to be bad. “Because you have to take a step”, is now also the influential Zahner, who had been in the past, little music hearing for such ideas.

Enter the national Committee, and then the League Assembly the green light for the club-people in the national team, could for example act of the new HCD-Trainer Wohlwend more as a fishing wizard.