Showbiz, Nathalie Meskens (37) and her husband Nadim and his parents have become with their first child. That is, the new mother delicately on Instagram.

Not a full belly and more for Nathalie Meskens, for the Best View-presenter is a mum to a young daughter, of Lima. It announces them in a subtle way on Instagram. The little sprout came up on Wednesday the 25th of march, in the world. “The happiest day of my life,” he writes There.

There was, in september, announced that she and her boyfriend, Nadim, is a thirty-something Lebanese-born, in anticipation of their first child. For the past two years, they are a couple. The sex Very first time, nothing is resolved, but on Red Nose Day and the XL did that out of nothing, then isn’t it. She was acting on the slotshow as a surprise, but the biggest surprise came only afterwards. “It gives me all of the time, the question is, ” What is it, a boy or a girl?’. I’ll tell you, tonight?”, “she said. When she cried out, “Princess!”

In February it looked Meskens, with a double sense – ahead of her date of birth.“There’s going to be so much of a change, but you don’t know what it was. That is, it is a little scary, but it also starts at the same time. I think it’s very exciting, but check it out. A unique combination, that is,” she said on HLN.

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This e-mail message on Instagram

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Caesarean section

Meskens did a few weeks ago, the fact that she was scared that they, through an emergency c-section and would have liked it.“My first lesson in letting go as a mommy-to-be, it is no small task finished,” she wrote, when on the Instagram. “My daughter has decided that with a few weeks to get nice and seem to be (that is promised for a later time), and the closer we get to the due date approached the more nervous of me, this does. As they are now, I can’t do a ‘normal’ birth. It may be that they are running, ” even to the last minute to say all the dear ones in my area… But the figures are not very hopeful. Also, you can try to push it through, ” a ” version, which is very painful, turns out to be, and only 1 in 2 succeeds, but that does not mean that the idea of a c-section, so I had a lot of tears have been.”

“I will do everything I can: from the spinning babies exercises, acupuncture, osteopathy, hypnobirthing, visualization, meditation, and mantras to encourage you to run, but… ” she decided. And for that, I need to learn to accept it, accept it… and What it is. I also have a lot of friends who have a c-section and me feel free to ask.The most important thing is that she is healthy and I continue to be grateful for…”, says Nathalie. “How in the world is coming soon… So be strong and be feminine, I felt I have in the past few months, but at the same time, so vulnerable and small and scared… let go of lionel Messi, let it go…”

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