The Zurich cantonal Council has distributed to the departments: The newly elected SVP-councillor Natalie Rickli of the health, the newly elected Green councillor Martin Neukom takes over the building Department. The five Previous stay in their Departments and the FDP-the economy Director Carmen Walker Späh is President.

The decision was surprisingly quick: less than 10 minutes session, the cluster of seven panel came back in the cantonal Council hall. A slugfest or a tactical rope it has not given pull.

for the First time a green building Director

Martin Neukom, the Canton of Zurich has for the first time a green building Director. So the Greens have held a for the climate and the environment Central Department. Already in the election campaign, Neukom recommended that a “climate plan” for the Department.

“I want to bring the Canton of Zurich in the fields of climate protection and nature conservation,” he said shortly after the Department of distribution. With his professional Background as an engineer in the solar research, he could contribute as well.

Rickli have to learn a new topic

In a new topic must be SVP-member of the cantonal government Rickli. The head of the health Department in your political career, barely with the health policy. Still, she had expressed already in the election campaign, sympathy for the Directorate.

“For the Directorate of Health, I have decided, because health is the most important Good of the people,” says Rickli on Facebook, “Like many others, I know from personal experience what a great health system, with the same kind of personnel we have.”

And Rickli, who limps because of a leg injury, identifies the challenges of their Ministry: “to help The sick, to encourage Healthy self-responsibility, the costs.” These tasks you meet with respect. (per/SDA)