Last Saturday, presented Natalie Rickli (42) on the traditional Kispi-Ball your friend Frank Eisenhut (50). With the insurance Manager, Rickli has been together longer.

However, the Partner was not the only news of the Evening. Also yourself, the Zurich SVP-member of the cantonal government, which is always well dressed, but mostly very cautious, from its best side showed. In a stunning gown of midnight blue lace. Swiss Lace. Because the dress comes from the Zurich-based fashion house Modissa.

Walker Späh not invited 150 women a

Rickli is the only Fan of the 1944 founded as a family company. On the day before the Kispi-Ball all four of the Zurich government invited councillors – President, Carmen Walker Späh (61, FDP), Silvia Steiner (61, CVP), Jacqueline Fehr (56, SP) and Natalie Rickli – as well as state writer Kathrin Arioli (56) for women-Networking-event “Politique en vogue”. In the Modissa store on the Bahnhofstrasse.

Walker Späh brought two things together, it has always been a concern: the promotion of women and the maintenance of the Zurich-based company. “The female majority in the government, the presidential year in a woman’s hand and the woman’s choice in the member of the Parliament – among the 38 newly Elected 28 women were inspired by the President of the government to this Networking event for Zurich squad women from business, politics and administration,” says their spokeswoman Beatrice Henes to VIEW. “The implementation of the event in the Modissa was simultaneously a commitment to the retail trade and to the diversity of the Bahnhofstrasse.”


On Facebook Walker came in the evening Späh almost into raptures by the occasion, to load the 150 women were: “What an inspiring and stimulating network!” Whether and in what Form there will be a sequel, not a fixed, but yet, Henes.