Natalie Portman and Benjamin millepied

4 Aug 2012 Natalie Portman and Benjamin millepied got married. In honor of the eighth anniversary of the wedding of 39-year-old actress has published archival the 43-year-old husband and congratulated him with their personal holiday. Photo actress in wedding dress from Rodarte and a floral tiara adorning her head, dancing with her husband.

is still my favorite dance partner,

— she signed the frame.

Millepied, in turn, confessed to his wife in love and named her Queen.

Natalie and Benjamin met while filming Black Swan (Millepied was a choreographer, and Portman played a ballerina) for the role in which the actress received the award “Oscar”. Soon after meeting they got engaged and a few months came to light their son Aleph. In 2017, they became parents for the second time — the couple had a daughter, whom they named Amalia.

Now the couple, on hearings, is again expected addition to the family — not so long ago the network appeared the pictures, which the actress appeared with a rounded stomach. But to confirm these guesses by fans of Natalie and Benjamin are in no hurry.