Uruguayan actress and singer, star of TV series “Wild angel” Natalia Oreiro explained the desire to obtain Russian citizenship. According to her, so she can thank the Russians for their love, RIA Novosti reported.

She explained that it is not going to live in Russia because her house in Argentina, where her son goes to school. However, obtaining a Russian passport would be a symbolic step. “It’s a way to thank you for all the love that they [the Russians] give,” she said.

According to Oreiro, from the first visit to Russia she felt a closeness with the Russians, that “it is difficult to Express in words.” The actress added that never leaves the gifts that fans made for her with his hands.

that Oreiro wants to obtain Russian citizenship, she said in June. According to the actress, the idea came to her mind after participating in the show, Ivan Urgant, in which the presenter jokingly suggested that she become a Russian woman. She added that a few fans knowing about her love for their country, give her a fake Russian passport.

In early August on the platform, Netflix released the documentary “Our Natasha” about Natalia Oreiro. Formed the basis for her tour of Russia, which she made in 2014. Then Oreiro visited a total of 16 Russian cities.