Nastya Ivleva and LJ

Exit from quarantine Russia began in June, but the hospital still continue to receive patients with COVID-19, and many people infected with coronavirus isolated at home. So, today, TV presenter and blogger Anastasia Ivlieva reported that coronavirus was not spared and her family.

My husband and I got sick COVID-19. Remind that the virus will not go away, be careful!

a few hours Later Ivlieva again made contact with subscribers:

so, my good! First, having read completely different comments under the previous post, and then my brain exploded and I had to relearn how to think, I will say first that I don’t know, there is this Covid or does not exist. I don’t know and don’t delve into any conspiracies, government ideas and world revolutions. The doctors said, “You’re the crown!” All! So, I am a fan! Or I guess I could shout in the face of the medic: “the Crown does not exist, it is all Putin!” (Media, drag the headers) to run? So leave these proceedings for forums and special sites where people share. It’s not necessary. There is a sore, will be a treat.I shared the news with followers, because I have to stay home at least two weeks anyway without a change of locations, would start to do the questions. Those who think that this is a paid action, I do not understand what are you doing on my page. You clearly have me confused with someone else.

the presenter told followers how she and her husband realized that he faced not with the common cold, and a coronavirus.

Coronach appeared as usual catarrhal malaise Alesha. A couple of days drank regular tarallucci and ingavirin. This was followed by loss of taste, and alarmed. It appeared on the fourth day or the fifth. I have the same runny nose and weakness, often a headache. Typical of colds. The parents do all of top. The only — the father of Alex, too, was a loss of taste. We passed the test, it turned out that half the family has cowed, half — no. We were isolated from each other, waited a couple of days, passed the second test, which showed the crown have the whole family!In General, the condition bearable as determined immediately and not delayed! The main thing is the parents had no complications. What make and how we know! We are under medical supervision 24/7! So no advice, but thanks anyway!— shared Ivlieva.