the Economist is sure that cryptologist not able to understand the nuances of the economy further, “the fortune cookie”.

Almost all the supporters of bitcoin are idiots, said economist and author of the bestseller “the Black Swan. Under the sign of unpredictability” Nassim Taleb. He argued with blockchain-Evangelist Giacomo Zucco. According to Zucco, Taleb became famous thanks to the ideas “anthropoge localism and the requirement to take the risk”. Now, however, finalist justifies Central planning, which is conducted by bureaucrats and politicians, not taking any risks.

“Bitcoin as a good idea, but almost all of his supporters are idiots who don’t understand the nuances, except for the fortune cookie,” — said Taleb.

1) I explain in #SkinintheGame scale transformations: Bitcoin is a good idea but almost all bitcoiners are total idiots, can’t get nuances beyond fortune cookies.

2) My idea is (fractal) State is needed ONLY for systemic tail risks, not messing w/daily life. Same as medicines.

In December last year, he said that the strength of the first cryptocurrency is the inability of its control. According to the economist, the financial pyramid can use digital money for fraud. But it’s not as critical as the government or the banking system which has lost the confidence, the writer noted.