NASA astronaut Bob Behnken reported their impressions of the landing of the spacecraft Crew Dragon. About it writes RIA Novosti.

So, Behnken compared Crew Dragon with the beast.

"When entering the atmosphere, we felt pretty comfortable though and felt like the inside of the beast" – said the astronaut.

According to Behnken, the ship is "alive" at a time when declined a bit in the atmosphere. The astronaut explained that they had heard sounds similar to a growl aboard a Crew Dragon. He also stated that he felt shaking his entire body.

"I wrote them down (sounds. – Approx. Ed.) it sounds like a machine, it sounded like an animal, reaching through the atmosphere", – said Behnken.

At the moment of separation of the cargo compartment and release of the brake parachutes, the crew felt a jolt, like "hitting the bat at the back of the chair".

"no Surprises there. The ship behaved exactly as expected", – said the commander of the Crew Dragon Doug Hurley.

He added that after landing the crew was able to use the onboard phone contact MCC in Houston.

"it’s Nice to know that the next crew will be able to contact the family if necessary" – said the astronaut.

Earlier spacecraft Crew Dragon landed in the Gulf of Mexico. The landing happened near the coast of the U.S. state of Florida.

Later Elon Musk congratulated NASA with the completion of the flight Crew Dragon. The head of the American company SpaceX has posted an entry in his Twitter.