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In Rio de Janeiro fattigkvarterer – favelaene – going members of the Comando Vermelho (red command) around and provide citizens with the order of the speaker, type Rio-the site Extra.

We introduce the curfew because no one takes it seriously. It is best to stay at home and “chille”. The order is given, is the message to the 40,000 residents.

the Curfew applies to from at 20: 00 in the evening.

Comando Vermelho, The Red Command of English, is one of the Ríos three narkobander and check the town with ruthless brutality.

according to the Guardian circulating the video on social media where the gang warns that those who break the curfew will be punished.

In Ríos favelaer, where “the police” consists of two teenagers on motorbike – one running and one with the Kalasjnikov is “punished” synonymous with “killed”.

the Favela Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro.

Photo: Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP Has downplayed koronaepidemien

So far have not koronaepidemien turned in for full in Brazil.

According to Globo, it was Wednesday reported about 60 dead and 2567 infected nationwide.
the Worst is the condition in the large cities of São Paulo (48 dead), and Rio de Janeiro (8 dead). Many experts fear, however, the big unknown.

So far the disease in Brazil first and foremost been a phenomenon among the better asked. The first registered with the contagion in the country, had recently turned home from Italy.

Many brazilians gave it the nickname “rikmannsviruset”.

Narkobandenes initiatives come after the president Jair Bolsonaro has downplayed the disease.
no later than Tuesday, he called the pandemic a “small flu” and said that koronakrisen is trickery from the media.

Although several delstatsguvernører put in place strict measures, but residents fear that it is not enough.

Bad air and tuberculosis

A boy carries bread up one of the narrow alleys of the favela Rocinha earlier in this week.

Photo: Leo Correa / AP

Now fear the people of Rio that the virus is about to spread to the favelaene. On Tuesday there were 19 suspected cases in the district of Cidade de Deus – God’s city.

But the possibilities to test are bad and mørketallene can be large. Housing and sanitation in favelaene is very bad.

Many do not have running water, which is a disaster when the main smittevernsrådet is to wash your hands.

People live closely and the narrow alleys leading to the stagnant and moist air.

Diseases like pneumonia and tuberculosis are widespread and will make it harder for koronasmittede to fight against the disease.

Two million people

Two of Rio de Janeiro’s seven million inhabitants live in favelaene.

In many of the city’s fattigkvarterer have narkobandene now introduced measures against koronaviruset.

the Measures varies from the curfew, through the restriction of opening hours of the churches and shops, to the information that the groups of two persons is not allowed.

One of the inhabitants of Cidade de Deus says right out what happens in the Ríos fattigkvarterer:

Narkobandene do this because the government is absent. The authorities are blind to us.

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