to Reduce spending on housing and utilities in half to two times. About the Agency “Prime” the General Director of the company “City innovative technologies” Sergey Minko.

He listed several ways that allow to optimize expenses.

In particular, the expert advised to install water meters. He explained that in the house without a meter, the water consumption is calculated depending on number of guests and after the installation of meters will reduce the payment at least twice.

it is Also worth to switch to energy-saving lamps as well as install plastic Windows. In addition, if you wash the Windows more often, this will allow less turn on the lights, he said.

in addition, Minko advised not to accumulate debts and in a timely manner to pay the bills to avoid penalties and fines. He also warned against illegal methods of saving, such as unauthorized connection to the networks. The expert explained that it is fraught with accidents and emergencies, and fines under article “Theft of resources”.

From 1 July in Russia housing and utilities to rise by an average four percent.