the Swiss Institute of management development (IMD) called the best place in the world of business, making the latest version of the appropriate annual rating. It is published on the website of the organization. The leader of the rating became Singapore.

the First place remained unchanged from last year. Also in the top five were Denmark, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Hong Kong (special administrative region of China). The first three managed to improve their position compared to last year’s version.

Also in the top ten in Sweden, Norway, Canada, UAE and USA. China has occupied 20 place. As the United States, it worsened the position, having fallen with 14-go (USA — third).

On the 14th the place was Luxembourg, often used by companies from around the world as the place of incorporation due to favorable tax regime, on the 17th — Germany, 19-m — UK. The latter managed to improve its position, despite the exit from the European Union, held on January 31.

Russia has occupied 50-e a place, having lost to Kazakhstan (42nd), but ahead of Ukraine (55-e). Last, the 63rd in the ranking was Venezuela.

the Authors focused on four key indicators: the state of the economy, government efficiency, business efficiency and state of infrastructure. They used local and international statistical data, and interviewed executives from different industries.

the Main part of the research was conducted before the pandemic coronavirus, however, as the report authors, leaders demonstrated flexibility and efficiency in infection control.