the safest destination for travel in 2020 called Vietnam. The places that have successfully coped with the pandemic coronavirus and can be recommended to visit publishes the Independent.

So, according to journalists, during the spread of infection in Vietnam was the 342 registered cases of infection and no deaths. According to the authors of the material, the achievement of such results contributed to the rapid response of the authorities and strict measures to contain the coronavirus.

In second place among the safest countries was Greece, because the authors of the publication, it was also able to quickly stop the spread of infection. “After just one day after the first case was diagnosed in Thessaloniki, the government cancelled the annual carnival. This was followed by the closure of schools, bars, cafés and museums, as well as the introduction of mandatory social distancing”, — stated in the material.

Also in the rankings were Hong Kong, the government introduced the rule of wearing respiratory masks and has restricted travel to China, and Iceland, where the population was actively tested for the presence of coronavirus.

in Addition, the editors of the Independent were ranked as the recommended for visiting places of New Zealand and the island state of Trinidad and Tobago.

Earlier in June, world Council for tourism and travel (World Travel & Tourism Council, WTTC) called safe destinations this summer. Relevant information published on the website of the organization. The Council statement noted, are the safest for travel are Portugal, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.