Director of the Central research Institute of epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor, academician Vasily Akimkin has explained the low mortality rate from coronavirus in Russia compared to other countries. According to official statistics, during the pandemic from COVID-19 in the country died 1451 people.

According to Akimkina, in Russia as likely to die from coronavirus infection through prompt diagnosis and detection of disease in asymptomatic form.

the Academician explained that early diagnosis helps to avoid the development of heavy States, which ensures a low fatality rate.

A highly sensitive test-systems allow to identify and isolate people with the disease have mild and asymptomatic carriers. In the country of such patients 70-80% of total cases, said the Akimkin.

Earlier, head of laboratory of arboviruses research Institute of Virology. D. I. Ivanovsky Michael Butenko admitted that Russia may soon reach a plateau in the number of infections COVID-19.

In recent days in Russia identified 10 102 new cases of infection COVID-19. These figures are fixed for the third day in a row. The total number of Russians with confirmed coronavirus infection of the new type reached the level of 155 370.

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