the Construction of “Nord stream-2” became the reason of deterioration of relations between the United States, on the one hand, and Germany and Russia, reports the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. While Swiss firm-the Builder of the pipeline Allseas has stopped construction and lowered the ends of the tubing at the bottom of the sea. But Russia intends to use the vessel “Akademik Chersky to complete the construction.”

Investors “Nord stream-2” are many major energy companies of Europe. And now the only thing that can stop the Russians to independently finish the construction of the project, so this is the new American sanctions, the expert believes the Polish consulting company Esperis, Matthew Kubiak. USA may impose sanctions against other companies, helping the construction of “Nord stream-2”.

Also considered the problem of the refusal of the European court to annul the Directive on Gas pipelines, which go to the EU from third countries. In addition to the Federal network Agency of Germany BNA freed from the rules of the Gas Directive “Nord stream”, but the “Nord stream-2”. Both solutions Russia intends to appeal.

Note that in February, the Academician of the Chersky”, which is called vessel, is able to finish the “Nord stream-2”, left the port of Nakhodka and moved in the direction of the Indian ocean. Now the ship is off the coast of Germany in the Baltic sea.

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