Named the new threat factor for patients COVID 19

Obesity is considered more dangerous factor than cancer, for patients with coronavirus patients. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from the Medical school named Grossman at new York University. The study is published on the website MedRxiv.

The study involved more than 8 thousand patients. Scientists have found that almost half of the patients (46%), hospitalized with coronavirus infection were older than 65 years. They also found that the most frequently hospitalized people with coronavirus and severe obesity.

According to the study, even those who are younger than 60 years are twice as likely to need hospitalization if they have obesity. The researchers attribute this to the fact that patients with obesity are more prone to infections. Their immune system tries to fight off excess fat in the body, so does not struggle fully with the virus.

It is also established that only five percent are hospitalized with coronavirus were smokers. This is the first study in which no mention of the increased risk of coronavirus for Smoking people.

Scientists suggest that the problem of obesity in the United States can contribute to the spread COVID-19.

Previously, experts of the American diabetes Association explained the danger COVID-19 for patients with diabetes. They concluded that patients with diabetes have increased risk of infection with coronavirus, but the infection of SARS-CoV-2 increases the chances of additional diseases and complications of the disease.