the Development of Internet technologies has led to the emergence of new professions, said the Director on development of systems of professional qualifications Institute of labour Irina Voloshin in an interview with RIA Novosti.

According to her, one of the most popular of the new jobs are specialist integrating cloud applications, big data specialist, operator remote control the motor-car rolling stock and the operator a 3D simulation.

Voloshin explained that with the development of digitalization updated almost all specialties. She added that the first appearance of new professions should be expected in such sectors as nanotechnology, information and communication technology, power engineering, space-rocket industry, medicine and agriculture.

Earlier, Russians named the most popular profession after a pandemic coronavirus: one of them will be the specialty associated with science and technology. For example, it may be such a profession as a robotics engineer, a lawyer by application AI, the art critic for the creation of artifacts in virtual reality and many others. In addition, among the most pressing will be the teaching profession.