Named the most prestigious specialties

In all three cases in the top were the economy (this includes the Finance and management) – it was noted from 57 to 70 percent of the respondents. In second place – the law (45%-63%). But in third place – medicine (25% -31%). Many say her as a very prestigious profession, but actually go to medical school much less guys.

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– Higher medical education, which occupies regardless of the age of respondents the third place in the “prestigious” list, actually received not more than 5% of the study participants, experts Ranepa. – Engineering degree attracts about a quarter of the young people.

These data, scientists have been on the basis of interviews, which were attended by about 1,700 respondents. What else did they say? The increased popularity of information and communication technologies (19.3% of responses among 41-46 summer workers and 25.1% – among young people 23-29 years). The prestige of working in the fields of psychology, sociology, PR and advertising have increased even more – almost two times. Significantly “grown up” and work in the field of state and municipal management (10.4% of responses among 41-46-year-old workers and already 21,3% – among the “digital generation”).

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But there is also a “rating”. He got in agriculture (2.7 percent), natural Sciences and mathematics (5,2%), music and culture (6,9%).

the Surveys also showed that higher education though, and loses position, but still the priority of the Russians. Moreover, if the parents graduated from high school, and the children are likely to go to University.

And here’s another curious fact. Among those who are now 41 to 46 years, on a paid basis studied only 15 percent of students. And among the “digital generation” – is 38.6 per cent “paying students”. According Ranepa in the year 2017 half of all students studied on a paid basis.