Named the most popular students exam for selection

What subjects the exam was the most popular among students? There are two compulsory subjects – Russian (its going to take almost 736 thousand participants) and mathematics. The relevant mathematics was chosen almost 405 thousand persons (50,8% of the total number of students-2020), core math – about 320 thousand (40,2%).

Photo: Kirill Kuhmar/TASS Tested on itself: is it Easy to pass the exam to parents

Also in the top most popular elective subjects – social studies, he chose 375 thousand people (48%). More than 167 thousand participants (21%) have registered for the exam in physics, 158 thousand (19.8 per cent) chose biology, 132 thousand (16.6 per cent) – story, 108 thousand (13,6%) – computer science, 107 thousand (13.4 per cent), chemistry, 65 thousand (8.2 per cent) – literature, 23 thousand (2.9 percent) – geography.

“We see a consistently high level of interest in alumni natural science subjects. This year, the proportion of participants who wish to take physics, biology and chemistry, at the same level or slightly higher than a year earlier, – said Anzor Muzaev. The second year continues to grow the number registered for the exam on Informatics. The proportion of students who choose a social science, on the contrary, decreased for the fourth year in a row”.

Among foreign languages the most popular is English, and this year its going to take more than 104 thousand participants (13%). On the exam in German language checked in 1873 of a man, French – 1247 people, Chinese – 358 people, Spanish – 307 people.

“exam in Chinese language we are only second year, but he was already ahead of the Spanish language”, – concluded Anzor Muzaev.