German scientists came to the conclusion that preschoolers are the most dangerous carriers of the coronavirus. It is difficult for children to observe safety precautions, it is impossible to get all the time to wear masks and also gloves especially.

Kids will not explain that it is not necessary to touch the face, and children are able to infection at the same level as adults. To such conclusion experts of the German research centre for infections, examining 78 thousand patients, write “Izvestia”.

Infected with coronavirus scientists have studied the concentration of virus in the respiratory tract. It turned out that the identified number of copies of RNA in children and adults did not differ. But due to non-compliance with security measures and a large number of asymptomatic carriers, that the kids were the most dangerous carriers of infection.

Experts emphasized that if a child is ill, it inevitably will hurt all of his family members. The difference lies in the fact that children carry the disease in a shorter time and therefore can be carriers of infection less long period. But even for the short time preschoolers can quickly infect a large number of peers and adults until no one will know about their disease.

Earlier reported that Chinese scientists have identified the symptoms of coronavirus in children. According to the results of their study, none of the 10 infected juveniles was not observed “adult” symptoms such as muscle pain, headache.

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