Analysts have called the most lucrative and highly paid profession during a pandemic coronavirus. About this newspaper “Izvestia”, citing a study of service “Craigslist. Work.” According to experts, the average salary in the country amounted to more than 40 thousand rubles a month.

For the last time among the highest-paid professions included doctors, the average salary in this area is 45.2 thousand rubles a month. In the construction sector earn on average approximately 58 thousand rubles, and also in the top 5 include the group of professions in the automotive business — 47,6 thousand, and transport and logistics industry — 46,4 thousand roubles. The first five close workers of fitness clubs and beauty salons (43.8 thousand).

In late June, the Ministry announced that because of the epidemic COVID-19 work in the country halted about 15 million people, about 680 thousand were laid. With April 1 as the unemployed officially registered two million people. Officials hope that the labor market will stabilize at the expense of measures to support the economy. The Ministry believed that the pre-crisis indicators of the labour market will be able to come back next year. The current situation is compared with the default of 1998.