“Izvestia” were named the most affected by cuts in salaries of the profession for the time constraints of coronavirus.

So, most of all salaries have reduced small and medium business in the spheres of culture, leisure and sport. Such changes were recorded in the period from April to may. Employers in these areas, they reduced employee benefits by 63 percent.

According to the President of the Association of operators of the fitness industry in Russia Olga Kiseleva, 15-20 sports companies in Moscow will not open after quarantine. She noted that they worked more than 75 thousand employees.

in addition, the sports sector will have to prepare for the fact that demand for services will be reduced by 50 percent in the first months after the resumption of work, said President of the National fitness community Elena Silina.

In the sphere of culture or reduced up to half of the staff, or have reduced wages by 30-50 percent. “The most heavily hit by Federal agencies and those who work with corporate customers”, — said the Director of the National Association of event organizers Julia Jole.

Earlier, experts have called the most vulnerable to the effects of coronavirus profession. It turned out that 49.7 per cent of all workers in the country employed in jobs that are potentially vulnerable to the effects of the epidemic. These experts attributed the self-employed and individual entrepreneurs, and workers most affected sectors: transport and communications, trade, service, nutrition, sports, tourism, education, science and culture, entertainment. Under threat of dismissal may be employees with a “gray” wages or wages below the subsistence minimum.