Blogger-traveler Ilya Varlamov compare prices on vacation in Crimea with other world resorts and came to the conclusion that this summer prices for accommodation on the Peninsula is on average two times higher than in Europe or UAE, and 3 times higher than in Turkey and Egypt. The service and the quality of the beaches, according to Varlamov, is not exactly in favor of the Peninsula. “MK” asked what else besides price do not like vacationers in the Crimea? And is there anything that makes the Peninsula is not worse and even better international.

For comparison, the blogger Varlamov gives the following rates.

the Sanatorium. Number “setting on the fan chic 90” in a sanatorium in Yalta in kilometre from the sea – 12.6 thousand rubles for 3 days, three meals a day in dining room included. The same room, for the same term, but with a more modern renovation – from 15 thousand rubles.

Hotels. A room in a three star hotel Yalta – from 30 thousand rubles a day. In a five-star – from 61 thousand rubles per day.

the Villa. A decent Villa in the Crimea will cost 430 thousand rubles per day.

Gasthaus. The cheapest option of stay at the guest house – 1600 rubles/day. The room is twin beds, and include only a mosquito net and toilet paper.

Hotels abroad for the same period of time:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The hotel room in the city centre (to the beach by taxi) – from 3000 rubles (hereinafter – the exchange- “MK”) per day. Studio with kitchen – 3,3 thousand rubles. a Room in a four star hotel – from 6,000 thousand rubles in five-star – from 7000 RUB, in the most luxurious – from 20 thousand rubles per day.

Rimini, Italy – 4.6 thousand rubles per day.

Tivat, Montenegro – 2,6 thousand rubles per day.

According to the survey of Russians, already vacationing in the Crimea, and planning such a vacation, a mismatch of the terms of the rest of its high cost is really the most fat minus domestic resort. For reviews of respondents, while “crazy prices” they lack infrastructure, “at least the Turkish level”. The main advantages and disadvantages identified by those who have already experienced Crimean vacation for yourself.

Cons of vacation in the Crimea in summer 2020:

1. The greed of local. “Boorish and hamovatye local brokers and taxi drivers, do not look to the future. The approach is rather to grab (“give money and fuck off”), and that tourist will not come again, they are not thinking”.

2. Inadequate catering. “Or very expensive, or dirty eatery. Many cafes in fact normal but they have a very questionable sanitary condition”.

3. The outdated approach. “Free public beaches without regular cleaning and enough beach equipment and entertainment. Trips on the old boats and ships and machines-the ruins”.

4. “Unobtrusive” service. “None of the usual banks and services call a taxi. Expensive roaming charges. In General, the local approach: the “will do”.

5. The inconvenience for motorists. “On the road to��Gah tubes near the housing is not thought of enough Parking spaces”.

6. People. It is noteworthy that campers are dissatisfied not only local, but also each other. The majority of respondents are annoying “clogged embankments and beaches occupied tables in good restaurants and scurrying crowds of provincials”, under which a tourist from each region means something different.

However, there is a rest in the Crimea and the advantages, indicated by the same campers in the survey:

1. It became much cleaner than a few years ago.

2. More creative Souvenirs, gifts and holiday products.

3. Warm clean sea, civilized beaches with water sports.

4. Incomparable, amazing nature, beauty of scenery and landscapes.

5. A huge number of attractions and ways of relaxation (from “seal” to educational, recreational, sports and tourism, etc.).

6. Hospitable people with their local touch.

And it speaks for itself that 5% of the Crimean holidaymakers have admitted that they are thinking about purchasing real estate on the Peninsula and consider the possibility of moving to Crimea forever.

as for the value, then, in the opinion of the President of the Russian Union of travel industry Andrew Ignatieff, living in the Crimea this summer has risen by 5-6% due to ensure safety requirements. But 25% cheaper flights, thus the overall tourism product has not increased in price relative to last year.