Space tourist for the first time in history will be released into space in 2023. The corresponding agreement was signed rocket and space Corporation (RKK) “Energy”, part “Roscosmos”, with the American company Space Adventures Inc., which is engaged in the development of space tourism. This was reported on the website of the Russian Corporation.

it is Noted that in 2023, two tourists will travel to the International space station (ISS) aboard the “Soyuz MS”.

“it is Planned that during the expedition, one of the participants of a space flight together with a professional Russian cosmonaut will make a spacewalk from the ISS Russian segment,” — said “Energy”. The name of the tourist was not disclosed.

it is Noted that the Russian Corporation has already collaborated with the American company. From 2001 to 2009 was jointly organized eight short-term commercial flight to the Russian segment of the ISS on the Soyuz spacecraft. Space tourists became citizens of the USA, UK and Canada. However, none of them came out into open space.

Earlier in June, the General Director of “Glavkosmos” (a subsidiary of the Roscosmos) Dmitry Loskutov said that humanity is at the very beginning of space exploration. So the Manager explained the desire of tourists to fly into space, including with the use of Russian spacecraft “Soyuz MS”.