Mass vaccination against coronavirus in the framework of post-registration testing of domestic substance starts in Moscow, as was supposed, from September 5. About this informed the Director of the Institute Gamalei Alexander Gintsburg, which was developed by the drug “Satellite V”. The vaccine will arrive in the clinics and hospitals of the capital before the end of this working week.

From 3 to 5 September will be held the screening of volunteers – they pass the required tests to participate in the experiment. Earlier it was reported that the vaccine trials in Moscow signed more than 3 thousand volunteers. Anyone can leave a request on the portal of the mayor and the city government. Only supposed to reach 40 thousand people, who had not previously suffered from COVID-19, and who do not experience health problems.

Meanwhile, the flu shot also may favorably affect the body’s resistance to coronavirus, said Have been vaccinated against human flu are less likely to catch COVID-19. This was stated by a member of the Council of Federation, honored doctor of Russia Vladimir Round. According to him, even in the case of infection with coronavirus disease in this case will flow easier.