the Best players were determined at the meeting of heads of clubs of all three divisions – Premier League, super League 1 and super League 2. The meeting was held in a blended format – face-to-face meeting and in absentia via video.

it is Encouraging that in a symbolic top five of the Premier League included two Russians, although in our leading teams are the most that neither is on the stellar network and titled Legionnaires, players of the highest world level. Top 5 roles of the selected shooting guard Elizaveta Komarova (IBA-Moscow) and small forward Anastasiya Shilova (Nadezhda Orenburg). Naturally, both girls are in the “working set” national team head coach Alexander Kovalev. Other winners on the positions: point guard Courtney Vandersloot (UMMC Ekaterinburg, USA / Hungary), her odnoklasnicy power forward Emma Massaman (Belgium) and center Jonquel Jones (Bahamas / Bosnia). Selected most valuable player (MVP) is an Olympic champion in Rio 2016, the double (2014, 2018) the owner “gold” the world championship in the USA national team and also the representative of the UMMC Britney Griner.

Recall that in the Premier League last season managed to hold the regular championship (the tournament in two rounds) and a separate rotation stage for 1 to 5 places. To the playoffs is not reached, the teams were classified according to the position in the table at the end of the second stage. Victory once again for UMMC, “silver” the Kursk “Dynamo”, “bronze” of “Hope”. Interestingly, Komarov got in the symbolic team of the Premier League despite the fact that her MBA finished in the lower group, that is in sixth place. In the tournament for 6-9 place team additionally had not one but two laps.

In the super League 1, and is the second largest division, about MVP even no dispute, in principle, could not be. The title of the best player of the championship part of the BK “Rostov-don-southern Federal University” (Rostov-on-don), Anna Zaitseva. She was the first in more than two decades basketball player who is defending the colours of the club D-2, got a place in the military team. Zaitsev in all 40 games of rostovchanam went onto the court in the starting five, spent in the game on average 29 and a half minutes of pure time, gaining 17.7 points and 7.4 rebounds making.

And here is a symbolic top five of super League 1: point guard Kseniya Kunakova (Kazanochka Kazan), shooting guard Catherine Gunchenko (“Rostov-don-southern Federal University”), small forward Anastasia Chuvahina (“Dynamo farm”, Kursk), heavy forward Marina Sheveleva (Neftyanik Omsk region), a center Natalya Vodopyanova (Spartak, St. Petersburg). Note the top-5 Vodopyanova. She honored master of sports, champion of Europe 2007, a two-time (2004, 2008) bronze medalist of the Olympic games, the “silver” prize winner of the 2006 world Cup, but she just turned 39 years old. Sportsmanship longevity! And it not the whole amazing texture relative to Vodopyanova. In his Spartak St. Petersburg it is not just one player, and great leader is the club President.

And finally the list of winners of the super League 2: MVP – Irina Kiseleva (“Samara”, Samara), in a symbolic top five point guard Kristina Usacheva (“Hope”-2, the Orenburg region), shooting guard Ian Pashkovsky (“Yenisei-2”, Krasnoyarsk Krai), small forward Ekaterina Kuznetsova (“Dynamo-Energiya”, Ivanovo), power forward Olga Kazakova (“Youth”, Penza region), the Central Yana Mitrofanova (“Samara”). In this division the champion was “Samara”.