In Russia, as the regions where the officials get the big salaries. According to the research service “Craigslist.Work”, most of all, civil servants in St. Petersburg and Moscow, and least of all — in Saratov and Ulyanovsk. The average salary of the Russian official is 35 thousand rubles per month for the year, it increased by nine percent.

In Moscow, civil servants receive an average of 50 thousand rubles, in St. Petersburg — 41,5 thousand roubles. In third place Barnaul: on the civil service pay 40 thousand rubles per month. The low salaries of the officials in Voronezh (24.2 thousand), Saratov (23,9 thousand roubles) and Ulyanovsk (23.8 thousand). For the study was analyzed three thousand vacancies in the civil service sector across the country.

As it turned out, the average salary of officials comparable to the money that gets the average Russian. At the same time, in some industries, the wages of the average worker can reach 50-60 thousand rubles a month. For example, in the field of mining it reaches 65 thousand rubles per month.