But the work in the country, and for people of different professions, qualifications, living in different regions. Specifically for the “RG” recruiting service HeadHunter made a selection of the most attractive offers from different regions and professional sectors and for those seeking full-time employment, and for those who need a part time job. We have selected the most interesting ones.

the best deals on ongoing work in the capital. For example, in Moscow, looking for E-commerce Director at a salary of 400 thousand rubles or the head of Department on work with Federal and local networks with the income from 350 to 500 thousand rubles.

However, the province is a very tempting offer. For example, the development Manager for the territory in Naberezhnye Chelny, from 350, 000. on hand. The construction site Manager (main contractor, a particularly dangerous object), the far East, from 350 000 RUB before tax. Marketing Director, Ulyanovsk, from 300 000 RUB to the hands.

For people more practical professions have their own versions of successful employment. Autohouse in Moscow has a real opportunity to earn from 130 to 200 thousand rubles a month, and welder in the Leningrad region – from 110 thousand rubles a month.

For temporary work or part-time work and remote work are also decent options, which are often not inferior in its yield regular rates. So, General Manager-technologist in Saint Petersburg can count on 200 thousand roubles a month “clean”, if you agree to participate in the project work. For PHP, JavaScript programmer has a single assignment in Kazan, which will pay 200 thousand rubles.

In the capital at the time of the project are looking for engineer process control system. Ready to take on remote work a person from another region to pay from 100 to 150 thousand rubles a month.

near Novosibirsk urgently need a tractor. Salary of 90 thousand rubles per month. The work is temporary, until the completion of harvest. Another suggestion – from Moscow: the plumber may qualify for 80-120 thousand rubles a month. Flexible schedule, possible part-time employment.

one More vacancy for job seekers from any city to remote work looking for an engineer on labor protection. Salary – 60 thousand rubles.

There are two best jobs for part-time without any special qualification requirements of applicants. In Krasnodar looking for an employee in housekeeping with the reward to 50 thousand rubles a month, and in St. Petersburg requires a night auditor who will pay 28-32 thousand rubles.