Sauerkraut and coleslaw help the body in fighting the coronavirus. This opinion was expressed by doctor of medical science, pulmonologist at the University of Montpellier, France Jean Bousquet.

“I changed my diet, and it involves raw cabbage three times a week, sauerkraut once a week, yogurt for Breakfast and pickled vegetables” — quoted by Bousquet English edition of the Sun.

The scientist also praised the Korean dish kimchi. He is confident that the substances contained in cabbage and other dishes, prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Bousquet explained that the background of the spread of the pandemic a lot of attention is paid to the virus, but too few the diet the patients. In South Korea and Germany cabbage is part of the usual diet of the citizens. In these countries the mortality rate is relatively low, reminded a scientist. He believes that food influenced the course of the disease, the newspaper notes “Constantinople”.

In Russia the death rate from COVID-19 was also very low, said the President of the country Vladimir Putin. It is less than 1% per 100 thousand people.