Chinese scientists came to the conclusion that the high sugar level in the blood doubles the risk of death from severe forms COVID-19. This is stated in a study published in the journal Diabetologia.

Experts was based on the case histories of more than 600 residents of the city of Wuhan, was hospitalized with coronavirus from 24 January to 10 February. It was found that patients with relatively high levels of glucose in the blood die from called COVID-19 complications were 2.3 times more often than people with normal levels of sugar.

“In this case, it is difficult to assume that all these people were suffering from a previously undiscovered diabetes, as the total number of patients with high glucose levels closer to around 29%, whereas only 12% of China’s population is diabetic,” — noted experts.

According to researchers, elevated levels of glucose in the blood promotes the formation of blood clots and worsen the function of blood vessels.