Named condition for the payment of pensions in case of deficit of money FIU

the Pension system of Russia because of coronaries can lose 1.6 trillion rubles, calculated the experts of the Higher school of Economics. This happens in case of realization of the negative scenario, in which unemployment and wage cuts, a 30% decrease revenues from pension insurance contributions. And without deficit of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) will not be without the transfers from the budget which in turn now is plagued by a pandemic. Understand what will happen to the pensions for elderly citizens.

last year, the FIU received 5.4 trillion rubles in the form of insurance premiums for employees. Now this figure is unattainable. The pandemic will undermine the labor market. According to experts, the works can to lose 10-15 million people. However, dismissal is not the only hit for extra-budgetary funds. The payroll from which is deducted a percentage of the insurance premiums reduced, if employers cut wages or go into the shadows.

Director of the scientific research financial Institute under the Ministry of Finance Vladimir Nazarov, who is known as the author of the pension reform, reported that the loss of the pension system kompensiruet from the Federal budget. If the Treasury money is not enough, the budget code allows you to maintain the pension system from the national welfare Fund.

Actually, raising the retirement age was to bring the pension system dividends in the form of contributions from the remaining work of pretensioners. They were forbidden to fire unnecessarily, but the downsizing or closure of companies is considered a valid reason. “Now workers who could retire will not be in demand in the labour market. They risk being left without a source of income, which threatens to further increase the social tension, – warns the Director of the IAC “Alpari” Alexander Razuvaev, So the best anti-crisis measure now would be the abolition of pension reform. Save from her a bit, and the money in the Treasury is there.”

the Pension reform will not go backwards, says doctor of Economics of HSE Sergey Smirnov. “The savings is still there. For example, those for whom retirement is postponed for six months, while the pension of, say, 20 thousand rubles, the FIU has saved 120 thousand rubles. The abolition of pension reform will only aggravate the deficit of the Fund,” he said.

Now the pensions of current retirees are paid from the pension contributions of working citizens, what is called the solidarity pension system. If insurance premiums are not enough, the Pension Fund will receive transfers from the budget. While experts do not give estimates of how much funds will need to allocate the budget for the pension system: this will be seen as a pandemic. However, it is clear that the budget not rubber. “If Budem quite hard, I think the government restrukturisasi budget expenditures by reducing funding of national projects, – said Sergey Smirnov, – it is probable that the authorities will make a choice in favor of the priorities or short-term projects that will yield results in the short term. For example, payment of pensions to the disabled is a priority and strict commitment, to procrastinate can be urban development or replacement of curbs”.