A parting in woman’s hand! For the last Time, Nadja Schildknecht (46) presents on the side of your Co-Director Karl Spoerri (46), the Zurich Film Festival, but with a special feature. “The FESTIVAL this year is a women’s film festival. 55 our 170 films come from Directors that are almost 40 percent more than last year. This is in a male-dominated industry, a record,” explains Schildknecht.

Also honors the female gender is this advantage: Hollywood Star Kristen Stewart (29) receives the Golden Eye Award, and Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett (50) will be honored with the Golden Icon Award and film star Julie Delpy (49) will hold a ZFF Masters. “She is a role model for women in the industry,” says Schildknecht.

The festival Director, has managed in the last 15 years to bring Hollywood Stars, such as Silvester Stallone (73), Susan Sarandon (72) or Johnny Depp (56) in the Limmat city. What began in 2004 as a small event in Zurich’s district 4, has become one of the world’s major film festival. “Karl and I real heart put blood in this occasion. I don’t know how many nights we have worked through.”

Polanski and the Sechseläutenplatz

One of the most difficult moments for the then young Director Duo was in 2009, as the FESTIVAL’s guest Roman Polanski (86) at the point of entry to Switzerland was arrested. The star and Director ended up instead at the film gala in custody. “It was emotional, but also to cope with organizationally difficult,” recalls Schildknecht. “Our Team was small, we were not prepared for such a crisis situation.” Much rather you remember the year 2011. “At the time, we were allowed to set up our tent on the Sechseläutenplatz – three years, I had fought for it.”

It’s important to know when it is at its best: To this 15. Edition of the Zurich Film Festival Nadja schildknecht and Karl Spoerri, the operational management of the film critic and journalist Christian young (46). The Gründerduo changes behind the Scenes in the Board of Directors of the ZFF. Schildknecht: “of Course, it is difficult to “be a child” to let go, but it was a well covered decision, which has matured in the last few years. The ZFF is now all grown up and ready for the big world of film out there.”