it is one of the most successful Models in the Switzerland, adorned the title pages of “Elle” and “Vogue”. Three years ago Nadine began arguing to be guided by Matt (34) and suppressed ever since, back to school! “I have to make the big need, a little more with my head,” says the 1.80 Meter Sensitivity.

for this reason has signed up matter and arguing at the Open University London, for a correspondence course in art history and creative Writing. “I’m interested in art since my youth,” she explains. The Writing as well! “I have always been a very communicative person.” You enjoy it immensely, to expand their horizons. “And also to lay new tracks for my future.” This year you will have finished your studies.

most educational time of your life was with Karl Lagerfeld

Until 2014, Strittmatter was the most employed Model in the country. She traveled almost constantly around the world for Top designers such as Giorgio Armani (84), or for Labels such as Victoria’s Secret. But then you suddenly had enough and settled in Paris to work henceforth only for the recently deceased Karl Lagerfeld (†85). This is designed and tailored all of the Chanel collections according to their body mass (80-58-88). Strittmatter was with him every day. “I longed for more structure in life,” she recalls. “My time with Charles is probably the most instructive of my life.”

in 2016, left Strittmatter Chanel and moved temporarily to Los Angeles. On the one hand, and to work increasingly as a free Model. On the other hand, but also to be closer to the film world. “My dream is to later screenplays,” she says. “And there is no better place than Los Angeles.” Up to the fulfillment of your dream, you had to learn a lot, supplemented Strittmatter, laughing. In the meantime, she is working diligently as a Model and in the future more often in Switzerland. Because: “The longer I am abroad, the more I appreciate home.”