NAC: the Number of terrorist attacks over five years has decreased nine times

According to him, in 2019, failed to prevent at the preparation stage 57 of terrorist crimes, including 34 of the attack. According to NAC, during counter-terrorism operations have been neutralized 32 bandit, including nine leaders of the bandit underground. Over the last year, intelligence agencies were arrested the ringleader 41, 241 and 606 militant supporters of terrorists. In addition, as reported by Kulagin across the country was eliminated 78 cells of terrorists who were preparing terrorist acts on the objects of social sphere and attacks on law enforcement officers. Overall, the number of terrorist crimes in Russia over five years has decreased in nine times. As noted by Igor Kulagin, this happens also thanks to the established system of preventive work on protection of population from ideological influence from terrorists.

Photo: Alexei Nikolsky / RIA Novosti Putin told the Macron measures against terrorists in Syria

In this regard, the official representative of NAK, Andrey Przhezdomsky has led a number of prominent examples, when young people tried to engage or have engaged in terrorist activities, but they eventually managed to return to normal life. During a briefing representatives of the NAC showed a video interview with the young people managed to keep from terrorist attacks, with the former bandits who reconsidered his life, the parents of those who went to the war zone to fight on the side of the terrorists. And the evidence from the horse’s mouth can be many doubters of young people is stronger than any propaganda of the militants.

last year was arrested ringleader, 41, 241 and 606 militant supporters of terrorists

the NAC recognized that the emissaries of the international terrorist organizations continue to rely heavily on websites, social networks and instant messengers to spread the ideology of terrorism and extremism. Last year was blocked the spread of such content on, 50 thousand pages on the Internet, and blocked access 16 thousands of foreign resources. And the Federal financial monitoring service has blocked the assets of more than two thousand of the alleged financiers of the militants. Forces of the interior Ministry, FSB and Regardie eliminated 83 illegal workshops for the manufacture and alteration of weapons. And neutralized eight criminal groups involved in the supply of weapons and ammunition from armed conflict zones.