“In terms of the predominance of further disinflationary trends the Central Bank has room for further easing of monetary policy”, – said Nabiullina. Thus, according to the head of the Central Bank, as output from the calculations the very low monthly values of the summer and autumn of 2019, the annual inflation rate is likely to increase.

Nabiullina also confirmed the possibility of lowering the key rate at the next meeting of the Central Bank on 19 June by one percentage point. “The probability of such a reduction is, but it is below 100%,” – said Nabiullina, answering the question of “the Russian newspaper”.

Now the key rate of the Bank of Russia is 5.5% per annum. To this level, the Central Bank lowered it by 0.5 percentage points in late April and made that will continue to reduce it further. The Bank of Russia did not rule out increasing step of this reduction.