The Bank of Russia (CBR) is considering the denomination of the ruble, said the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina. According to her, with the values of the bills now “all right”.”No denominations, no monetary reform we never considered. We have the order of all and denominations, and banknotes. No reason here to change no. People can always use cash, their funds in banks. No limits, no changes are under consideration, not planned”,— said Nabiullina in her speech at the Federation Council (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).Earlier, a proposal to hold a denomination, equating 1 ruble to 100, were made by the expert, head of information-analytical center “Alpari” Alexander Razuvaev. In an interview with “Vedomosti” he explained the need record increase in the mass of cash in circulation. According to the Central Bank, the volume of cash in Russia reached on July 1, a record 12.42 trillion rubles, an increase over last month’s 3.5%.