In the author Camilla Was the new crime novel becomes a series of women murdered and nailed firmly to the floor.

It is bestial murders being committed in the Swedish best-selling author Camilla Was the new crime novel, “Skyggejægeren”.

In the novel, as in the previous week was published in Danish, chasing the police over the decades, a serial killer who murders young women, who live alone with their small children.

Women are found murdered on the floor of their apartments – all in the same pose.

the Arms are stretched out to the side, the hands are nailed to the floor with nails, and as the crowning glory have the killer stabbed a husholdningsredskab down the throat of its victim. For example, a toilet brush.

Camilla Took may well even hear it.

– I understand that many think that I’m crazy, ” she says, and laughs.

But there is a reason that the women were murdered on the way, she explains.

– That the murderer befitting the women stuck to the floor, is a metaphor for, that he is trying to keep women under control and keep them in the home. He stops the thing in the mouth on them to get them to shut up. It’s basically about keeping women in their place, she explains.

Just the theme – the place of women in the home versus in the workplace – is central in the “Skyggejægeren”, as Camilla Was the fourth soloroman, after she stopped the cooperation with his sister, Åsa Träff.

recent years have 52-year-old Forks marked itself as one of Sweden’s major krimiforfattere.

Her books have topped the bestsellerlisterne and has been sold for release in more than 20 countries, and in 2018 won her novel “the Pet” the prestigious award Glasnøglen, which is awarded to the best scandinavian crime novel.

“Skyggejægeren” is named the Swedish Crime novel in 2019 of The Swedish Krimiakademi.

In the novel follows three female police officers in each decade: Britt-Marie in the 1970s, Hanne in the 1980s and Malin in the present.

All three women chasing seriemorderen and tries to solve the gruesome murders, while at the same time they are struggling to be respected in the politikorpset on an equal footing with their male colleagues.

the Idea for the novel occurred when Camilla Took read author Michelle McNamaras book “I disappear in the darkness”, which describes the hunt on the california serial killer The Golden State Killer, who raped and killed women in the 70’s and 80’s.

– I think it could be interesting to write about a crime that took a really long time to unravel. On the way I would also get the opportunity to describe how society has changed over several decades.

– I began to research and read old books and articles, I found out quickly that the women in the Swedish police have had very many problems over the years. Especially in the first years after it was allowed for women to be in the corps, tells Camilla Took.

In its researchfase she spent several hours in the basement of the Swedish national library in Stockholm, where she studied more or less absurd articles about why you in the past believed that women were not fit to be in the police.

– the Rationale was, among other things, that if a female cop was walking on the street with a male colleague, and as a crime, so should the male cop the first protect his female colleague, before he could take action against the criminals.

– And what if a male cop came running in a police car with a female colleague in the passenger seat, and he was suddenly distracted by how beautiful she was, so they drove the wrong?

There was so many stupid things, which people then thought was totally natural, she says.

In connection with its research interviewed Camilla Took also three female police officers from different generations. A woman in the 40’s, a button 60 and a 76.

– The interesting thing was that the woman in 76 years, said that she had not experienced so many problems with being a woman in the police. Good enough had no desire to work together with her, but she thought that it was a fine job, and that she had it good.

– But the more I talked with her, the more I understood that she and the other women had a great many problems. It seemed just natural for them, that this was how it was. So I began to understand that it takes many years before one can see the problems from the outside. When you stand in the middle of it, it does seem the not as problems, she says.

It is generally a hallmark for Camilla Was the novels, that they in addition to a single krimiplot contains a layer of samfundskommentar.

In her novel “the Pet” from 2017 is the overarching theme of xenophobia, while in “Hibernation” from 2019, is social media.

– I do not necessarily have a political agenda when I write, but I think that a crime novel will be more interesting if it contains more than just krimiplottet in itself. Therefore, I am always working with a theme.

– I also write more realistic novels than some of my colleagues, because I would like to comment on the society we live in. And it is difficult, if the plot is too far from reality, she says.

Although the sight of women on the labour market – both generally and in the police – has changed a lot in the last few decades, it seems Camilla Took still, that it is an important theme in 2020.

– I think that it is really important to remember, how it has been, and how women have been treated in the past. But when it is said, is my general hypothesis in the novel that people exercise power over others, whether they are women or men.

– At the end of the book, you meet a chief of police, who treats one of his subordinates poorly, even though they are both women. So it’s not that men are some pigs. I am interested in how we all exercise power over each other. It is more about human nature than about men and women, she says.