Australian scientists seem to have uncovered the ancient secrets of creating miniature rock paintings, discovered in a place called Gerbiling near the Gulf of Carpentaria in Northern Australia.

a new study, told the journal Science. It is believed that the tiny figures were made by aboriginal people about 450-500 years ago. This kind of images is significantly different from all other types of rock art.

a Mystery to scientists for many years was the technique of their creation, as well as the reason why all of these drawings depicted on the rocks at low altitude. They obviously were created using stencils. Response researchers have found an experimental way.

They talked to the indigenous people of Marra and tried to reproduce the ancient art of these people, using only local materials. Success has brought the study of the properties of beeswax. The scientists heated it and glued to the rock, spraying white pigmented paint. It turns out the stencils, which managed to obtain drawings, very similar to the ancient originals.

the Authors note that the miniature art could be used for spiritual or ritual purposes, perhaps even for magic rituals. However, they suggested another explanation: these images could be created by children who were just playing by drawing on the rocks. In this case, it is clear why the figure is so low.

Just Tilbringe to date, found 17 miniature paintings depicting people with boomerangs and geometric patterns. In other areas of Australia previously also found similar stories, and the age of the oldest drawings that have been created using stencils that can reach 44 thousand years.

it is possible that at the time people were able to use beeswax for their work, although more often the stencils they used were their own hands.