The price is an announcement Only 60 Swiss francs is the cost of the basic Version of the ZeBuds of MyKronoz. The Geneva-based company introduces three variants on the market. The VIEWS tested Lite to the entry-level price there is available in six colors from dark green to Pink.

Also, the Premium and the Pro come in six colors, which differ but partially. So there is about a golden-black headphones. The difference compared to the ZeBuds Lite: The Premium for 80 francs a Alucase, the Case of the Pro for 100 Swiss francs, you can also wirelessly download.

of Course, the ZeBuds remember the Airpods from Apple, but are nevertheless independently. And can points in the Design in comparison to the best-selling model even. So there is a much larger color selection, Apple is only on white.

The MyKronoz ZeBuds turned a lighter Case

But the Case like with an original Design. It is like a Zippo lighter opening. You forgive the Swiss brand also that the Charging and storage cover is advised for the plugs a little bulky.

the battery life of the Airpods have an advantage. You run for five hours, and the ZeBuds four hours. By the way, not only theoretically, but also in everyday life, such as the VIEW-has shown to Test. In Case you can charge the ZeBuds then four more Times.

The most Important thing is the Sound. And the is really good and can easily compete with the more expensive product from Apple. Maybe the sound is a bit less clear, but the bass throb heavier. The ZeBuds are so tend to be better for music and a little less good for Podcasts or audiobooks as the Airpods.

Sound convinced, Touch control

But both are In-Ear headphones can convince, it is a matter of taste what kind of sound experience you like better. By the way, you can use the ZeBuds with the built-in microphones for making phone Calls. Caller does not understand a problem-free, so long as it’s a lot of Wind.

Only in the case of the control via the touch-sensitive surface, the user must make clear trade-offs. In theory you can start with two or three clicks, Songs, or pause as well as skipping to the next Track or the voice control to start. In practice, the listener can recognize the commands often not correct, and rum taps of Provided constantly to your own ears.

But for the price you can cope with and to control the Smartphone or the smart watch use. Other Features are much more important in everyday life, such as the USB-C connector for fast Charging. Or that the ZeBuds are easily compatible with all operating systems, to run on both Android as well as iPhone.

The Swiss headphones convince with an excellent price-performance ratio and are just for Android users a perfect and cheap Alternative to Airpods.

Here you’ll find all the info to the new Airpods Per, the first headphones from Apple with Noise Cancelling.