“You know, I had pain in such a Lung”! As Anna says, I am thrilled – and I have a very guilty Conscience. Only a few days ago, I reacted very harshly, because my wife has ordered through Amazon, four sleep suits at once. “That was because I thought that I may have the Coronavirus, and in a hospital”, she declared with tears in his eyes. And I thought cattle that she has Packed out of boredom of the buying frenzy because she was the whole week sick at home.

Then Anna’s state of the day seemed to be day better. I breathed a sigh of. And now suddenly this: lung pain. My wife is coughing, feels cut off, apathetic. Only the infection with the Coronavirus typical fever does not want to set. Although Anna is not with 51 years in the risk age, risk group, but they heard anyway, because: My wife has since she was a child bronchial Asthma, went with Oh and noise by three lung inflammation through. Covid-19 would kill you.

call our Hameln house doctor instant Transfer Anna to the radiologist result. The gives the all-clear: “an Inconspicuous heart-lung findings. Exclusion of pneumonia.“ So, thank God, not pneumonia. But the doctor is pushing for a Corona Test. “The DRC will be in touch in the course of today’s Fridays with you,” promises the receptionist. Indeed, at 15.30 o’clock the phone rings. “Be you site, please, at 17.55 o’clock on the xxx. You bring your phone,“ says a staff member. As the conversation is coming to an end, looks at me, Anna and says: “The woman is indeed very mysterious. I don’t think the want to the DRC, that we are the place where the Tests are made, to the great bell.“ Then she says after a Pause, a little quieter: “You know, I’m a bit scared. You come with me?“ “Sure,” I answer, “I’m going to 17 PM from Rinteln, and can be at 17.30 with You.”

17.45 roles, as we in the driveway of the sprawling Test site in the outskirts of Hameln. On the fence two employees of the DRC are the car next to a tent and a rescue, give us to understand with hand signs that we should keep. Inlet control. My wife will let down the driver’s window. The two jump back as if stung. “Close the carriage wheel right away, please,” shouts the Older of the two. Then he steps in close in front of the closed window. “Name, birthday and address, please,” calls the man. Anna shouts at the Desired. “Do you have your phone?” My wife nods. “Who is your companion?” This question, Anna answered. Through the closed window, can understand the two just so. “Then you follow the arrows, please, now the green – and you will never leave the car.” The two DRC staff greet friendly. Then we drive to the site. I look in the rear view mirror. Behind us more cars jam at the checkpoint. Some of the riders wearing improvised masks in front of the mouth.

Through the closed disc of the red cross employee takes the person, alien, contrary

On the Test-site, a wild and desolate concrete space, is a red-white barrier tape is a lane created. With a green color to the concrete spray-painted arrows on the drive indicate the direction of the. At the end of camp, a white tent stands next to a red cross Container. The Drive-in Station. My wife is pushing me. “You, look!” At this moment a Person occurs under the full protection of the tent. From head to foot in a white plastic jumpsuit with a hood dressed, a Mouth guard and a kind of goggles in front of the face. A Martian. He’s wearing blue rubber gloves, holding an oversized Q-tip on the long Arm and approaches a waiting car. “Aha, this is the Test, now,” I say to Anna.

We roll through the alley in more detail. A sign on the streamer asks us to stop. Should we wait until the car in front of us. “The really pay attention to everything, even at a distance,” says my wife. Around us reflected the light from big, bright spotlights in the puddles on the concrete. The Martian front is a smear done,, waving down the next car. The Situation seems totally unreal. The headlights enhance this impression. I have involuntarily think of the border crossing marienborn, we checked the times of the GDR of East Rangers. Also there was the: great spot, lots of concrete, strong light. We roll up to the next and last Stop in the alley. A sign asks us to choose a certain phone number.

In full protective clothing, the Tester taps takes you a long Q-tip swab of the throat

Anna. A friendly woman’s voice asks again, the person alien. “Who is your passenger?”, want to know the voice. “My husband,” says Anna. “We also need to test it. Everyone in the car is tested,“ explains the woman. “He has a Corona-symptoms?” My wife answered in the negative. Now, my data will be recorded. Anna puts her cell phone loudly. “Please pay attention to the hand signs of the man in the protective suit,” I hear the voice. Then: “the result of The test you get to on Monday by your GP. Until then, you are under quarantine. Do not leave your apartment. Good Luck!“

a Few moments later, the Martian man raises his Arm, beckons us to himself. We let down the Windows. A third Time we are asked for the name and date of birth. Then, the Tester takes the long Q-tip from a tube, initially with my wife, then me with the swab in the throat. I see the Martians in the face. A young man with friendly, blue eyes looking at me. The Q-Tips Hiking meanwhile, back in the tubes, are in a bag sealed. “You can do a paternity test”, ulkt my wife. I see that the eyes laugh behind the goggles. After a final “Everything is Good for you!” of the tester, we roll back to the entrance of the site. It is 18.05. The two DRC staff, waving behind us. Then we are out. “And?”, I question and look at Anna quizzically. “Here are all really nice,” she says, relieved, and added: “But depressing the Whole thing is.”

On Monday morning the phone rings at 7.30 am. The house doctor: “it’s All good. Both of the Corona Tests are negative. Congratulations.“

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