The woman for over 60 years in show business. And is aged in all the time visually. Country Queen Dolly Parton (72) says, how is that possible. The VIEW-Interview in Los Angeles, she explains with her incomparable voice, but also, what is the secret of their long marriage. Parton is humorous, laughs a lot. She is a woman that does not take itself to seriously.

Dolly Parton Thank you. My beauty is aged surgeon faster (laughs). I’ve never let something Drastic to make me, a little Tight padding here, a bit there. This helps to make me feel better. I work like a pack mule, but wants to look like a Show-horse (laughs). I have not come as natural beauty to the world and need to do much to look good.

no, I hate sweating with other people. Unfortunately, I am small and have a big appetite. A stupid combination. So I have to watch my weight, look, I take in as little carbs to me. Except on weekends, because cheating me. I like to cook and also eat what I cooked.

for far too long, damn it! Actually, it is already 52 years. It is both our first marriage. And the last one. We have to 50. Wedding day given once again tied the knot. With Bridal dress and new rings, is clearly more beautiful jewelry than the first Time.

So he is easy. He prefers to be alone. He does not like other people. Only me and a few close friends. Carl is hardly out of the house. That is why our marriage has held for so long. He is always at home, I almost never.

a couple of. We like to visit flea markets, go camping, mobile in our RV, or cook together. Prefer to pick we will have a barbecue on a secluded river Bank in the vicinity of our property.

But, we had even picked out names. But it has, unfortunately, should not be. I come from a twelve-person family. I have a lot of nieces and nephews and now great nieces and nephews. So, I have nevertheless children without end around me.

Oh, Yes. My father has grown tobacco, sometimes we had to come up with 2500 dollars per year. We have grown our own vegetables, to be able to survive. We lived secluded in the mountains, without electricity.

no, to me, a classmate, therefore, has teased. My mother went there in the autumn is always very bad. You never knew whether or not we have enough clothes and food to get us through the Winter.

I don’t know. I have already sung as a child. I would have but can also be a hairdresser or a stylist. I remember how I’ve been dressing very early, like the hair of my mother and older sisters and they also love to put makeup on. Mostly for funerals.

This is the exception. The other day I went late night shopping and was photographed. A few days later came the headline: “Dolly Parton is totally überstylt shopping.” So what? Much worse would it have been if it would have meant: “Dolly Parton is a complete run-down shopping.”

Oh Yes, I love it! I like to give autographs, posing for photos. I always wanted to be a Star. Complain about that never about that, I’m a become. There are enough places in the world, I can be forgiven, if I have the hype tired. I will be in our camping car and the way I am.

Dolly Parton has sold more than 100 million albums to become one of her biggest Hits Jolene” (1972) and “I Will Always Love You” (1974)”. She came in 1946, the fourth of twelve children in the mountains of Tennessee (USA) to the world. With seven she learned to play guitar, ten, she appeared for the first time on television. Since your 22. Years of age, she underwent numerous plastic surgery. Her role model was, at the time, a local prostitute, whose appearance she admired. Parton is the godmother of singer Miley Cyrus (26). By the way, you takes the amusement Park Dollywood. Parton sings in the new Netflix Film “Dumplin'”.