Russian fitness model and former hockey TV presenter Yulia Ushakova has shared photos from a revealing photoshoot which saw her own mother block her on social media platforms.

The former professional bodybuilder posed for Russian men’s magazine Maxim, adding that the provocative snaps from the photoshoot three years ago caused problems with her family members.

This was Maxim cover in March 2017. Can you imagine, I don’t have any copies left. I remember my mom blocked me for that picture,” the 30-year-old wrote.

Ushakova often makes provocative posts on social media, triggering mixed reactions from her followers.

In March she was lambasted for using medical masks as a bikini during the coronavirus pandemic which has swept across the globe.

The former world fitness model champion made headlines in 2018 when hockey club Spartak Moscow – where she worked as a TV presenter – shared an image of her lying on a treatment table wearing nothing but her underwear, accompanying it with a mock injury update.

The club was accused of sexism over the snap, with many mistakenly thinking that Ushakova was a player in the women’s team.

Commenting on the sexism row, Ushakova said that she had no intention of hiding her body, having spent 10 years going to the gym.

Публикация от Юлия Ушакова (@yulia_ushakova)26 Дек 2019 в 12:40 PST