My gift from heaven Samoilova showed the baby

The youngest child Oksana Samoilova and Dzhigan has 2 months old.

Oksana laid out in instagram your photo with the birthday boy on hands on a background of blue and silver balloons.

“My gift from heaven. I don’t know how to explain it words, but I every cell in his body feel his strength, which he passes on to me. He came into this world neither early nor later, but now. I don’t know what his mission was. The purpose he definitely has now it’s very interrelated to me. And I still can’t believe I have a son. Boy, man. And I love him very much”, – she wrote in microblogging.

Birthday crumbs Oksana was celebrating without Dzhigan. And not only because the couple announced the divorce.

The rapper is now in a drug treatment facility with a strict regime where to get in touch with relatives only once a day, and walking under the supervision of staff.

As previously reported, “the Rambler”, the artist’s stay in a hospital costs about 100 thousand rubles a day, so it’s not hard to calculate how much had been spent on treatment Dzhigan in a few weeks. The amount is already close to a half million.

Publication of Oxana Samoylova (@samoylovaoxana) 18 APR 2020 4:48 PDT