the basis is taken daily diet conventional Russian single, which is due to the regime self-isolation only eats at home and prepares himself. For the preparation of these dishes need three dozen products. On the specified days marketers are bypassed in each city from three to seven stores popular retail chains – Federal and local.

In June, the cheapest set of “Meatballs with pureskill” they managed to find in Simferopol. On the second and third places of a rating there is the Tver and Sevastopol. To prepare simple meals for three meals per consumer in these cities in the amount of about 260 rubles.

May the three leaders, we recall, was Omsk, Smolensk and Saratov. But within a month, the cost of the daily ration grew up there. In Omsk, the increase was 10 roubles, the Saratov – 20. But in Smolensk the conventional “basket” rose by 35 rubles, or 13 percent. This is the highest ratio in Russia. The price level has risen only half of the cities that participated in the study in may and June. And, as a rule, only slightly, to 5 percent.

as further ripening of early vegetables, the cost of the food basket may decline, but this trend emerged only in the Crimea: Sevastopol “mashed potatoes” for the month fell by 10 percent.

“Most expensive “Chicken with pureskill” discovered in Magadan. Here daily diet will cost 484 rubles, which is almost 1.9 times more expensive than on the black sea coast – said the authors of the monitoring. – The cost of a conventional diet in Moscow amounted to 315,75 rubles, which is four percent higher than in may. The capital with this indicator ranks 56th place among the studied cities. In St. Petersburg the cost of “Meatballs with pureskill” decreased by 5 percent and amounted to 283 rubles. On this indicator Petersburg has occupied 26-e a place and became the “cheap” town on the North-West.”

“the cost of mashed potato is affected by the availability of cheap products in the store at the time of monitoring. And it depends on the logistics of the retail network, explained the study authors. – Therefore, in early April, our conventional diet in the regions was higher than in may: on the wave of food panic, people simply bought cheaper goods on the shelves were only expensive counterparts”.

the Cost of a daily ration of mashed potato compared with the size of the subsistence minimum by regions in terms of one day. In every fourth city products will “eat” more than 80 percent of this amount. In each of the tenth to more than 90.

In Central Russia, Belgorod stands out – there “Purusco” had 92 percent of the subsistence minimum. With that set of ingredients it is only 327 rubles cheaper than in Lipetsk, Voronezh and Ivanovo. Kostromitin and residents of Tver on a diet of leaves 70-75 percent of the subsistence minimum.

If you compare the cost of “P��tails” with nominal accrued wages in the region, it will turn out that in Moscow and St. Petersburg, products can be defer one-tenth of earnings. Residents of most regions of Russia it is required to reserve 20-30 percent of daily income.

the Menu has developed a service delivery of hot Lunches Good Food taking into account daily nutrient requirement

Breakfast – oatmeal with milk and fruit, a sandwich with butter and cheese, coffee with milk, half orange.

Lunch – salad with fresh vegetables soup with chicken broth, pork cutlet with pureskill, bread, tea.

Dinner – serving of salad, pasta with fried chicken, bread, tea.