Marc Hirschi (20) can’t believe it. “I’m still shocked,” says the U23 world champion. A night after the Doping Outing of the national team Coach Danilo Hondo (45) in the ARD is disappointed the Bern hard. “We had a very close relationship, to be part of my U23 world title a year ago. It hurts.” Hirschi struggling for words. “I had a long night,” he admits. And although him Hondo sent on Sunday a message he didn’t answered yet. “I need to digest first.”

Hondo was an outstanding football coach, first in the U23, then the Elite. This opinion is not only Hirschi. Also, Silvan Dillier (28) praises the work of the Cottbussers. “Unfortunately, he had this dark secret from his Active time. He has always helped me, even when I doubted myself.” And also Kilian Frankiny (25) says: “Tactically and human, he was a top.”

“I wrote him what I think of it”

Not all drivers who drove under Hondo, want to talk about. To each his own right. Particularly controversial is, however, Some may not talk! How a VIEW know sent Swiss Cycling-the national squad-riders on Monday shortly before noon, an E-Mail with the request to not speak publicly. A muzzle so. Just: at this time, the VIEW spoken with a railway specialist Claudio Imhof (28), and Fabian Lienhard (25). While Imhof stresses the qualities Hondos (“He saw to it that we were like a family”), Lienhard critical. “I wrote him what I think of the Whole. I would like to call to learn more.”