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From the 20. april can the kindergartens to be opened again, and 27. april can students from 1. to 4. step get back again to school. It came forward when the government on Tuesday came with oppmykninger of koronatiltakene.

But it is not everyone who can come back again to school and nursery then. Children who are in the risk group, or have parents or siblings who are there, will continue with the hjemmeskole. Education ms. Guri Melby (V) says that we must use the next few weeks to ensure that the affected students get a good offer.

I expect that the schools manage to plan a good offer for these children, ” she says to NRK.

high risk include people with chronic lung disease – asthma – diabetes, cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure. The reason that these are extra prone to koronasmitte, are at increased risk for complications from the disease.

the NEED to CONTINUE WITH HJEMMESKOLE: Children who are in the b vaccination programs or have parents or siblings who are there, must stay at home when schools open after easter.

Photo: Thomas Brown / NTB scanpix Uncertain number of

Very many children can end up in the group that should not meet up at the school anyway, ” says Anna Bistrup, who is the senior advisor for the Norwegian Asthma – and Allergy.

As we know, one of four children asthma, eight per cent of the adult population has asthma and 150.000 norwegians living with copd. If one includes those with diabetes and heart disease, so is this such a large percentage of the population that are covered, that we call for a clearer specification of who the government thinks should be included.

Bistrup says that the most important thing for them is that those who are in high risk to be protected. She adds at the same time that children with asthma are not necessarily of high risk.

” We see with concern that too many children might be included by this. There is a large span of children with astmadiagnose. There are large individual differences that should not be treated as one, ” she says.

Significantly better

How many students are in the risk group have kunnskapsministeren not overview, but on a national basis is one of the three exposed. Risk group includes at the same time all that is over 65 years of age.

– Now we will use the time until school starts to find out who they are, and make sure they get a good offer. We will create clear national guidelines, so it must be the individual school and the individual municipality as they find good solutions for students locally.

Melby says that the last few weeks have shown that Norwegian schools offer good digital teaching.

– So I think many of them already today, the little school, will get a considerably better offer than they have received until now, ” she says.

Unsure of duration

How long students who are in or have family in the at-risk groups will continue with the home schooling, will not Melby speculate.

– It will depend on smittesituasjonen. If we continue to have so good development as of now, so it is well possible that many of these children can come back to school. Our goal must be that as many as possible of us to have as normal life as possible.

Melby will not speculate in when children at risk can come back in kindergarten and at school.

” I think we must take it here a little step by step. Now the schools open up again 27. april. When we get to see how you manage to implement it in a way that is good. It can then it may well be that we may be able to include more, and that we have good control on the situation.

CREATE CLEAR GUIDELINES: Assistant director Espen Nakstad of the ministry of Health.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix Stock common guidelines to safe kids

Assistant director Espen Nakstad of the Norwegian directorate of Health has the understanding that the new koronarådene may be perceived as fuzzy:

we have, of course. This is unclear, but now efforts are being made to create clear guidelines for all schools and kindergartens, ” says Nakstad.

Nakstad tells that the Norwegian institute of public health is underway with the work.

– It should be easier to relate to how to open schools and kindergartens in a safe way, and how skoleansatte and parents should relate to it, ” he says.

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