the most Important to The time change in a nutshell:

  • summer time starts on the 29. March 2020
  • The watch will lose around 2 PM to 3 PM presented
  • We “” one hour
  • The winter period starts on the 25. October 2020

time to switch to summer time on 29. March 2020

this year the changeover to summer time on Sunday, the 29. March. at two o’clock at night, the watches need to be presented one hour of three o’clock. This night is so reduced in the morning, it is later light, but in the evening it will be after dark.

The next time change for winter time will take place on 25. October 2020 instead.

clock time forward or back? With this donkey bridge to remember it

As a reminder is often used this example: In the summer, the garden furniture before will put the house on the terrace, so the watch must be presented to.

In the Winter, back on the other hand, the garden furniture in the basement or in the shed, the clock as well as must be> back

More donkey bridges:

  • From the Winter towards the summer – so we put the clocks.
  • In summer, the temperatures go to Plus – that’s why we turn the clocks one hour forward (+1).
  • In English it means: “spring forward, fall back”. The back says both “spring forward, fall” – but also: “spring forward, fall back”.

most of The watches automatically set themselves to

The time change on the 29. March is not a big expense: the radio watch and the TV set automatically. However, in the case of analog watches: This must be independently converted. dpa/Patrick Pleul Analog watches must independently be converted

What you on your Smartphone

In the case of Smartphones need to take note of is carried out the conversion without Intervention, provided that the corresponding function is not disabled. By the following activation path, you can check like this:

  • iPhone: open settings, “General” and then “date & time” select “set Automatically” to activate
  • Windows Phone: settings to open the “date and time” and then “time”, select “Automatic time switch” to activate
  • Android: settings to open the “date & time” select “Autom. Date/time” to activate

transport experts warn, because of time change in front of accidents involving deer

in view of the time switch of the automobile club, the ADAC, in front of a rising risk of accidents involving deer alerts. Animals such as deer and wild pigs are not directed to the time, informed the ADAC Hessen-Thüringen in Frankfurt on Monday. The conversion to extend the period of time in the traffic and dawn fell together and the risk of accidents involving deer to take an overnight rapidly.

time change – why does it exist at all?

Actually want to save energy…

Since 1996, will be converted in the European Union in March and October, the clocks. In Germany, there is the summer time since 1980. Originally should be saved thanks to a better utilization of daylight energy.

in fact, there is no evidence that the time change is saved on a relevant dimension of energy. The Federal environment Agency about the argument is this: “Although by the time change in the summer, in fact, in the evenings, less often, the light is switched on – is heated in spring and autumn, however in the morning hours and more. The cancels each other out.”

The office for technology assessment at the German Bundestag comes to the conclusion that “at best only very slight energy savings”. An evaluation of studies from different countries have revealed 2016 the potential changes in the areas of power consumption and heat of not more than one percent.

a survey of around 700 companies and associations of the German energy economy have not produced a different result.

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switch to summer time: What for jet lag

helps But the transition is not without consequences: A study of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg according to the Clocks move will reduce on the summer time temporarily even life satisfaction.

The reason: in Addition to the physical jet lag, the people in their sovereignty have felt in dealing with the time cut. In the second week after the changeover, the satisfaction, therefore, return to your original level. The position in the autumn therefore has no measurable effects.

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more flexible working hours would Help. Fixed times between 9 and 17 PM are nowadays only in very few industries is necessary, says Roenneberg. A Change here would be “much more important than this quick shot, all year round, the summer time is to introduce”.

As always On the last Sunday in March, clocks are set back one hour.

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help last time changeover 2021? What yet

But why is it still missing? The time change is to be abolished, according to the opinion of many Europeans. Also the European Parliament in Strasbourg voted by a large majority in favour of the time change in the year 2021 to finish. The decision about whether to then the summer or the winter time is to apply, should be able to, in accordance with the will of the members of the member States.

in order for the end of the Back and Hers but, in fact, member States must agree first on a common line.

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The change between summer and winter time calls for a long time already many opponents to the Plan. Finally, the EU Commission launched last year a Europe-wide Online survey to the time change. The response was compared to that of other EU citizens consultations huge. 4.6 million people took part, around 3 million of them came from Germany. The result: 84 percent of the participants called for the abolition of the time change – and also in countries where the right dramatic impact.

the end of the time changeover should. 2019

The EU Commission responded and suggested that already in 2019, semi-annual Turn on the PM to abolish However, the competent EU Ministers of transport, locked against such a quick end to the scheme. In 2021 at the earliest, and that it should be so far, they were. Otherwise, a confusing flick the threat of carpet from different times in the EU.

to avoid the dreaded patchwork quilt, the European Parliament now has a “coordination mechanism”, in which representatives of the Commission and the member States to suggests. To bring forth a uniform regulation in the member States. In the FOCUS Online In the

Some are against the abolition of the time change

concerns about the ambitious time schedule of the EU Commission, the clock is already in 2019 for the last Time to change, there was from the beginning. Often referred to problems with the timetable design in the international rail traffic and slot allocation at airports were. According to critics, more notice would have been necessary. Also, there had been no impact assessment for abolition.

Because each country should decide on the Commission’s proposal, according to which time zone it wants to remain permanently, could in the absence of collusion in addition, a variety of different time zones within the EU. A compromise proposal of the Austrian presidency of the Council for abolition in the year 2021, in order to allow collusion, but found no majority.

Without an agreement may fail the whole project. In the course of the debates it became apparent that some of the EU countries, Portugal for example, are fundamentally opposed to the end of the time changeover.

From diplomatic circles it was said also that it had not been borne in mind that it will provide you with the end of the time changeover is inevitably more time-zones in Europe. A large common time zone from Spain to Poland was possible only because of the negative effects would be mitigated by the change between summer and winter time, it said. Apart from remote areas, such as the Portuguese Azores in the Atlantic ocean, or in the French overseas territories in the EU, there are currently three time zones.

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More for the time change

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