After winning real money from an online casino, don’t only spoil yourself, also spoil your fury friends as well with games from the best online casinos.  Not everyone can afford to keep a horse as a pet but if you do get one, then you have to make sure you have these products on your shopping list.

Saddle Pad

A saddle pad is important for every horses’ comfort and safety. You can use it when out riding or even just at home. Saddle pads are available in different sizes, shapes and designs depending on the purpose such as dressage, showjumping, racing etc. A padded saddle protects not only your horse’s back but also its legs and mane. It keeps them cool during warmer days or warm during colder months. So buy a good quality saddle pad that will last longer because they tend to wear down quickly over time.

Hoof Pick

When it comes to hooves, most of us know how painful it feels when our horse kicks their foot against something rough like rocks or pavement. If we’ve been careful enough before buying this product, we can prevent the pain by picking up any object embedded into their soft hooves. Also helps maintain the health and integrity of the hoof.

Equine First Aid Kit

If you happen to get injured while training your horse or competing with him, you’ll need an equine first aid kit so you can treat yourself as well as your horse. Your equine first aid kit should include bandages, ointments and other items that would help you deal with the injury properly.

Curry Comb

For those who love grooming their own horse, a curry comb is very useful. This comb looks slightly different from the standard brush used by groomers but still does the job effectively. Curry combs come in various sizes and shapes for different breeds of horses. For example, a smaller comb is better for the horse with small legs and feet since it makes it easier to reach the hair growths. Use it, especially after each ride or exercise session to remove loose sweat and dirt stuck to your horse’s coat.